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Giada RTW Spring 2023

Gabriele Colangelo turned his artistic eye to the sea for Giada's spring collection.

Giada RTW Fall 2022

Gabriele Colangelo for fall evolved his sophisticated long and lean silhouette for Giada with a more sensuous…

Giada RTW Spring 2021

The luxurious collection blended rigor and femininity telegraphing a sense of serenity for brighter days.

Giada RTW Fall 2020

Gabriele Colangelo was inspired by the early-morning reflections of the light on a stretch of water.

Giada RTW Spring 2020

Gabriele Colangelo's artistic bent this season turned to Auguste Rodin and Ronan Bourellec.

Giada RTW Fall 2019

Gabriele Colangelo was inspired by the fluid movements of dancers.

Giada RTW Spring 2019

Gabriele Colangelo's inspiration was British abstract artist and architect Victor Pasmore. 

Giada RTW Fall 2018

The Braidense National Library provided an atmospheric backdrop to Gabriele Colangelo's serene fall…

Giada RTW Spring 2018

The collection stayed true to the brand's staple rigorous aesthetic tempered by soft shapes and feminine…

Giada RTW Fall 2017

Gabriele Colangelo injected softness and lightness into the band's signature minimalistic and rigorous…

Giada RTW Spring 2017

The works of late American painter and sculpture Barnett Newman inspired creative director Gabriele…

Giada RTW Fall 2016

Giada hold its debut runway show for fall 2016.