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Giamba by Giambattista Valli Resort 2020

There was something for every mood; rainbow sequins channeled disco vibes while airy flower prints felt…

Giamba RTW Fall 2019

Giambattista Valli spliced couture details into the lineup for his fun-loving little sister label for fall.

Giamba Pre-Fall 2019

Giambattista Valli delivered a young and fun collection infused with tongue-in-cheek embellishment and a…

Giamba RTW Spring 2019

Giambattista Valli updated its signature feminine romanticism with psychedelic and Bohemian vibes.

Giamba Resort 2019

A contemporary West London's boho-chic girl inspire this eclectic and versatile collection.

Giamba RTW Fall 2018

Giambattista Valli combined urban, sporty, Bohemian and glamorous elements in a young, charming and eclectic…

Giamba Pre-Fall 2018

Giambattista Valli injected a new urban, street-wise appeal in his charming lineup.

Giamba RTW Spring 2018

Giambattista Valli portrayed a cool Brooklyn girl who is both romantic and rock 'n' roll.

Giamba RTW Fall 2017

Giambattista Valli infused his feminine and precious lineup with an esoteric and surreal attitude.

Giamba Pre-Fall 2017

Giambattista Valli channeled the zodiac universe this season for his younger, sassier label.

Giamba RTW Spring 2017

Giambattista Valli got sassy with strategically placed cat motifs.

Giamba Resort 2017

Giambattista Valli was thinking about "cool Snapchat girls" and "West Coast girls," which lent his lineup a…

Giamba RTW Fall 2016

Giambattista Valli indulged the naughty side of his sweet Giamba girl for fall.

Giamba Pre-Fall 2016

Giambattista Valli worked a sweet and slightly rebellious vibe for Giamba.

Giamba RTW Spring 2016

The younger, cooler sister of Giambattista Valli's main line channeled a pretty, playful, mischievous vibe.