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Giorgio Armani Resort 2019

Giorgio Armani focused on lightness for this elegant collection of fluid silhouettes crafted from…

Giorgio Armani RTW Fall 2018

For his fall collection, Giorgio Armani took inclusivity to an extreme.

Giorgio Armani Men’s Fall 2018

A man "drawing on memories and adventures that he speaks of today" was the starting point of the…

Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2018

The designer infused discreet seduction in his collection dominated by chic tones of gray.

Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2018

“A beautiful girl. This strange hairdo.” So said Giorgio Armani when asked whether the spring collection he’d…

Liam Payne Attends Giorgio Armani Show for the First Time

The One Direction musician is going on tour this summer.

Giorgio Armani Men’s Spring 2018

The collection was signature Giorgio, with a subdued color palette including 50 shades of light gray.

Giorgio Armani Resort 2018

Contrasting forces emerged in this collection, which spanned from eclectic, multicolor designs to essential…

Giorgio Armani RTW Fall 2017

In his fall show, Giorgio Armani delivered a dizzying abundance of ideas.

Giorgio Armani Men’s Fall 2017

While there may have been a lot on show — perhaps too much — Armani's statement was simple: Tone up, dress…

Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2017

Giorgio Armani developed an eclectic collection, in which the brand's signature sophisticated rigor was…

Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2017

Dubbing his collection 'Charmani,' Giorgio Armani's spring line radiated a chic charm that felt fresh and…

Giorgio Armani Men’s Spring 2017

Full of fluidity, airy fabrics and zero padding at the shoulder, this collection was aimed at the changing…

Giorgio Armani Resort 2017

Giorgio Armani reworked some of his signature styles, such as fluid jackets with strong shoulders.

Giorgio Armani RTW Fall 2016

Giorgio Armani based his fall collection on black velvet in reaction to what he called fashion's recent…