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Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2011

According to Giorgio Armani, suits are “the must-haves” for next pre-fall.

Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2011

For spring, the designer offered a soulful alternative to this season’s often manic color plays.

Giorgio Armani Men’s RTW Spring 2011

With a summertime city slicker in mind, Armani served up a lightweight wardrobe for spring.

Giorgio Armani Cruise 2011

Giorgio Armani is in a formal mood for cruise, a point he emphasizes with a focused selection of cocktail…

Giorgio Armani RTW Fall 2010

Armani envisioned the collection’s bold pops of color and unexpected cuts as an alternative to the “reliable…

Giorgio Armani Men’s RTW Fall 2010

Armani reminded his audience that casual doesn’t necessarily mean sloppy. Models wore knitted peacoats over…

Giorgio Armani Pre-Fall 2010

Giorgio Armani had an elegant woman in mind for pre-fall, one who doesn’t need bells and whistles to be…

Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2010

A coherent, lively collection that stemmed from a bold Bauhaus motif.

Giorgio Armani Men’s RTW Spring 2010

Giorgio Armani looked to the past and the future for spring under the banner of Classicism 2010.

Giorgio Armani Cruise 2010

The varied lineup featured looks ideal for city-dwellers, beachgoers and garden-party hostesses alike.

Giorgio Armani RTW Fall 2009

Giorgio Armani's collection was ultrasophisticated, befitting ladies who prefer their chic with an aura of…

Giorgio Armani Men’s RTW Fall 2009

The Armani suit remains a consumer reference, and the designer didn’t disappoint this season.

Giorgio Armani RTW Spring 2009

This was the Armani of old — read signature, not dated — before his innate chic pragmatism cross-pollinated…

Fall Shopping with Giorgio

Giorgio Armani's top clients were treated to a runway show of the fall collection on Tuesday night.

Giorgio Armani Resort 2009

For cruise, Giorgio Armani displayed his penchant for controlled elegance and played off a longtime favorite…