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Goat RTW Fall 2020

Blouses came with men's style ties at the front or with Seventies micro prints and oversize collars.

Goat RTW Spring 2020

She worked tweed into A-line shapes, and into belted coats or pencil skirt suits in offbeat colors such as…

Goat RTW Fall 2019

Jane Lewis took a bohemian turn, and put the focus on eveningwear, for this brand which has been gaining…

Goat RTW Fall 2018

Jane Lewis riffed on her best-selling shapes, with looks including her classic A-line dress, with pussy bows…

Goat RTW Spring 2017

Jane Lewis knows just the sort of push and pull her customer needs.

Goat Pre-Fall 2016

Jane Lewis called her cool, understated collection "compact, considered and full of essentials."