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Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2020

Richard René's foray into upcycling breathed new life into vintage pieces — and the brand as well.

Guy Laroche Spring 2020

Richard René added men's clothing to the Seventies-infused lineup.

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2019

With added fluidity, René made a more convincing case for dressing up.

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2019

Richard René pushed the label into dressier territory with his curious exercise in contrasts.

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2018

This made for an edgier direction for the house, though the hair and makeup helped.

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2018

Richard René showed his black-and-white collection on models wearing blonde bowl-cut wigs, an homage to…

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2017

The back-to-roots collection was based on the idea of elegance with underlining sex appeal but lacked…

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2017

The young-spirited collection focused on sporty separates.

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2016

Adam Andrascik said his fall collection was inspired by Guy Laroche's approach to volume.

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2016

In his sophomore effort, Adam Andrascik walked an experimental line between happy Hawaiian prints and dark…

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2015

In his debut for Guy Laroche, Adam Andrascik allowed the unexpected things to occur by fusing two aesthetics…

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2015

Marcel Marongiu was inspired by the vintage style of Claire McCardell for his spring collection for Guy…

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2014

Marcel Marongiu sought to turn “the utmost feminine details on their heads.” Mission accomplished.

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2014

According to his show notes, "a passion for science fiction" — specifically the films "Gattaca" and…

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2013

Marcel Marongiu went for the classic Marlene-Dietrich-getting-in-touch-with-her-masculine-side theme for his…