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Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2013

At Guy Laroche, conservative silhouettes came in spare lines with sporty/sexy details.

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2012

The textural play that is a common trend for fall also informed Marcel Marongiu’s modern, and at times quite…

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2012

Using a base palette of navy, khaki and gray, this broad collection was both sporty and organic in mood.

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2011

At Guy Laroche, designer Marcel Marongiu deftly balanced masculine and feminine energies by pairing crisp…

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2011

The military-inspired pieces in Marcel Marongiu’s dress-centric collection worked best.

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2010

Designer Marcel Marongiu stuck to clean lines and statement silhouettes, but his muted palette of sand, ochre…

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2010

At Guy Laroche, Marcel Marongiu tackled bikers hitting the beach, an incongruous concept that resulted in a…

Guy Laroche RTW Fall 2009

Marcel Marongiu’s vaguely futuristic collection featured a bevy of glittery cocktail frocks, but it was the…

Guy Laroche RTW Spring 2009

Designer Marcel Marongiu's black and white graphic print dresses, formed a lineup of nice clothes for Guy…