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G.V.G.V. RTW Fall 2018

A Seventies-inspired collection got a modern twist with casual styling.

G.V.G.V. RTW Spring 2018

Sailor stripes and polka dots merged with feminine florals and ruffles.

G.V.G.V. RTW Fall 2013

This brand is known for its heavily thematic collections, and its fall show didn’t fail to live up to that…

G.V.G.V. RTW Spring 2013

This brand, under the creative helm of a designer who goes by the Mug, turned to the world of insects this…

G.V.G.V. RTW Fall 2012

The designer utilized several incarnations and sizes of paisley, from a rich pink and green woven fabric to…

G.V.G.V. RTW Spring 2012

This brand, whose designer goes by the name Mug, took a playful romp through the Fifties replete with cat eye…

G.V.G.V. RTW Spring 2011

The designer decided to take the ethnic route with fringe, pompons, leopard print, paisley and colorful…

G.V.G.V. RTW Fall 2010

The designer, who goes by the name Mug, said David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" inspired her collection, rife…

G.V.G.V. RTW Spring 2010

The G.V.G.V. designer, who goes by the name Mug, produced an edgy spring collection.