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Gypsy Sport RTW Spring 2022

Designer Rio Uribe's spirited lineup of glam streetwear highlighted Chicano culture's contributions to…

Gypsy Sport RTW Spring 2020

Vacation wear with an undercurrent of street, handcraft and eco-consciousness? Yes, it's possible.

Gypsy Sport RTW Fall 2019

Rio Uribe delivered another eccentric and provocative collection focused on the manipulation of fabrics and…

Gypsy Sport Men’s and Women’s RTW Spring 2019

Fluid and ambiguous, charged and provoking, Rio Uribe's spring Gypsy Sport line was uncompromisingly…

Gypsy Sport RTW Fall 2018

Messages of absolute freedom, total creativity and uninhibited self-expression dominated.

Gypsy Sport RTW Fall 2017

Rio Uribe's fall collection was an homage to living outdoors.

Gypsy Sport RTW Spring 2017

Informed by Twenties flapper culture — and "breaking the rules" — Rio Uribe sent out a wacky collection of…

Gypsy Sport Men’s RTW Spring 2017

Only in the Gypsy Sport universe can soccer, anime characters and 1920 flapper references coexist in the same…

Gypsy Sport RTW Fall 2016

The Gypsy Sport streetwear collection for fall was inspired by skin tones and texture — resulting in obvious…

Gypsy Sport Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Designer Rio Uribe has blended a variety of cultures and influences for his fall collection.