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Halston RTW Fall 2011

Inspired by Lauren Hutton’s character in “American Gigolo,” Marios Schwab captured the true essence of…

Halston RTW Spring 2011


Halston RTW Fall 2010

Halston’s girl may still hit the town, but she has a bit more discretion.

Halston RTW Spring 2010

The interim season found the company still hewing closely to its namesake designer’s after-dark aesthetic…

Halston RTW Fall 2009

The reincarnation of the Halston mystique remains very much a work in progress. The question of end use still…

Halston RTW Spring 2009

To be viable in the long term, a designer collection must offer something more than a trip down memory lane.

Halston RTW Fall 2008

Iconic house revival ? it's one of fashion's greatest fascinations...