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Hellessy RTW Spring 2022

Inspired by a visit to the Superblue Art exhibit in Miami, the Hellessy spring collection was uplifted with…

Hellessy Resort 2022

Sylvie Millstein gives her customers exactly what they've been missing the past year for resort 2022.

Hellessy RTW Fall 2021

Hellessy designer Sylvie Millstein partnered with New York charity God's Love We Deliver for the fall season.

Hellessy Pre-Fall 2021

For pre-fall, Hellessy designer Sylvie Millstein wanted to represent the New York spirit.

Hellessy RTW Fall 2020

Sylvie Millstein continued her signature development of asymmetric constructions and creative patchworks.

Hellessy RTW Spring 2020

Bianca Jagger in her pre-Studio 54 days was the muse who inspired Sylvie Millstein's collection, which…

Hellessy Resort 2020

Millstein blended textures and colors seamlessly onto silhouettes with touches of novelty.

Hellessy RTW Fall 2019

Deconstructed designs, flamboyant prints and vibrant colors made for a fun, more-is-more collection that…

Hellessy RTW Spring 2019

The statement tops that have been at the core of the collection since its inception were well-represented.

Hellessy Resort 2019

The collection balanced color, greatest hits and alluring new styles.

Hellessy RTW Fall 2018

Jewel tones, rich textures and bold silhouettes were the main ingredients of this eye-catching, optimistic…

Hellessy RTW Spring 2018

Sylvie Millstein infused her statement tops and pants with desert glamour.

Hellessy Resort 2018

Lots of updated shirting and a mannish allure.

Hellessy RTW Fall 2017

Sylvie Millstein wanted to replicate the fragile edge and simplicity of Robert Mapplethorpe's flower…

Hellessy RTW Spring 2017

Sylvie Millstein focused on wardrobe refreshers that combined French insouciance with the exotic.