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Helmut Lang RTW Fall 2022

For fall, the Helmut Lang Design Studio team smartly infused its brand heritage while paving forward with…

Helmut Lang RTW Spring 2022

The design team referenced key pieces from the designer as well as nautical references.

Helmut Lang RTW Fall 2020

Thomas Cawson worked nostalgic silhouettes with sensuality in an effort to revive the brand's former cachet.

Helmut Lang RTW Spring 2020

Mark Thomas and Thomas Cawson dialed up the fashion quotient on the Lang pillars of provocative sensuality…

Helmut Lang RTW Fall 2019

Fall was all about the new uniform, stemming from sartorial roots that evolved into modern takes on workwear.

Helmut Lang RTW Spring 2018

Oliver's penchant for deconstruction shone through in many of the pieces, aimed at a new generation of Helmut…

Helmut Lang RTW Fall 2014

Rough Terrain was the title of Michael and Nicole Colovos’ fall collection.

Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2014

Nicole and Michael Colovos focused on essential wardrobe pieces that could be piled on or stripped off as the…

Helmut Lang RTW Spring 2014

Done primarily in black and white, the collection had a decidedly Nineties feel.

Helmut Lang Resort 2014

Nicole and Michael Colovos amped up their fabric and textural play for the season.

Helmut Lang RTW Fall 2013

The strong lineup featured graphic Cubist elements in interesting fabric combinations and several other…

Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2013

After their colorful, print-heavy romp for spring, Michael and Nicole Colovos returned to their signature…

Helmut Lang RTW Spring 2013

Nicole and Michael Colovos delivered a decidedly sporty lineup, defined by techy fabrics, boxy silhouettes…

Helmut Lang Resort 2013

Nicole and Michael Colovos’ resort collection for the brand was a play on texture, layers and sharp…

Helmut Lang RTW Fall 2012

Nicole and Michael Colovos continued to deliver their steady cast of cool, hard-edged looks, this time…