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Herno RTW Spring 2023

Herno is a master at delivering top outerwear and did not disappoint with this collection.

Herno RTW Spring 2021

The news at Herno was not a new tech fabric but a silk accessory.

Herno RTW Fall 2020

The outerwear brand introduced a monogrammed down jacket in printed jacquard as well as several new…

Herno RTW Spring 2020

The Italian outerwear company launched the Herno Monogram collection.

Herno RTW Fall 2019

Herno introduced the Laminar Couture Engineering collection.

Herno RTW Spring 2019

Color is the news at the Italian outerwear company.

Herno RTW Fall 2018

Herno played with a rainbow palette and materials for a sophisticated and fun collection.

Herno RTW Spring 2018

Bouclé, knits and coated fabrics injected a new spin into the brand's collection of easy-chic transitional…

Herno RTW Fall 2017

Shimmering effects were created on the surfaces of the elegant outerwear pieces through different techniques…

Herno RTW Spring 2017

The jungle was one of the inspirations for this collection that combined trends and technology.

Herno RTW Fall 2016

Many of the garments were exceptionally light, the result of avant-garde techniques such as heat-bonded…

Herno RTW Spring 2016

The outwear label introduced new ranges based on both its heritage and new innovative technologies.