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Hexa by Kuho RTW Spring 2014

Kuho Jung’s female warriors looked modernly chic in bulky tops matched with shorts, as well as cropped, roomy…

Hexa by Kuho RTW Fall 2103

Kuho Jung took cues from the meanings of “resistance and love,” as he put it, which translated into a lineup…

Hexa by Kuho RTW Spring 2012

Referencing the Romanov Dynasty, Kuho Jung balanced that aesthetic with an architectural, modern feel for his…

Hexa by Kuho RTW Fall 2011

Kuho Jung's collection was beautiful if complicated.

Hexa RTW Spring 2011

The designer took a deconstruction-reconstruction tack that was beautifully controlled and poetic.

Hexa by Kuho RTW Fall 2010

Religion isn’t the easiest subject to address in the context of coats, tops and frocks. Yet Kuho Jung’s take…