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House of Holland RTW Spring 2020

The designer channeled a mix of Seventies disco glamour and Nineties rave aesthetics into an energetic and…

House of Holland Resort 2020

Henry Holland channeled Seventies disco and punk rock into his colorful collection.

House of Holland RTW Fall 2019

Despite the weighty issues at hand, Holland deployed his signature sense of fun and playful use of color to…

House of Holland RTW Spring 2019

Henry Holland's collection had vaping accessories and bright acidic neon colors.

House of Holland Resort 2019

Leave it to Henry Holland to transform a mundane day-to-day chore into a colorful and bold collection.

House of Holland RTW Fall 2018

Henry Holland reimagined archetypal Nineties streetwear staples.

House of Holland RTW Spring 2018

Henry Holland sent out a gang of "tomboy styled beach babes" as he called them, for spring.

House of Holland Resort 2018

The designer reimagined the British artist Albert Irvin's vivid prints and put a fun Anna Piaggi-style spin…

House of Holland RTW Fall 2017

Designer Henry Holland called the collection his "love letter to America."

House of Holland RTW Spring 2017

Henry Holland wove wild elements of gypsy culture into this fun collection.

House of Holland Men’s Spring 2017

Henry Holland's exuberant collection riffed on early Nineties ravers.

House of Holland Resort 2017

Holland was inspired by kids obsessed with Columbian music and street culture.

House of Holland RTW Fall 2016

Henry Holland hangs out with enough party girls to know precisely what they want to wear when they're…

House of Holland RTW Spring 2016

The collection was inspired by the 1998 film, "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas".

House of Holland Resort 2016

Henry Holland mixed bold of Peruvian-inspired textiles with laid-back, street-inspired looks in his souped-up…