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Huishan Zhang RTW Spring 2023

The designer offered bright and sleek evening numbers infused with traditional Chinese elements in…

Huishan Zhang Resort 2023

It's the return of elegance and rejection of streetwear culture and TikTok fashion.

Huishan Zhang RTW Fall 2022

Staying true to himself and his audience, Zhang offered decadent, expensive-looking clothes for…

Huishan Zhang Pre-Fall 2022

Huishan Zhang, about to mark 10 years, created the modern-day wardrobe of a young, couture heiress.

Huishan Zhang RTW Spring 2022

He hosted an audience-free show at the majestic 17th-century Milanese palace Villa Arconati to present his…

Huishan Zhang Resort 2022

The designer recalled the baroque splendor of Villa Arconati, near Milan, and channeled its colors and mood…

Huishan Zhang RTW Fall 2021

As usual, Zhang offers a wardrobe that's perfect for China's wealthy heiresses who like to dress up like…

Huishan Zhang RTW Spring 2021

The designer has certainly been prolific during lockdown, launching a new e-commerce site and two collections.

Huishan Zhang RTW Fall 2020

Moving away from Chinese movies references, Zhang is serving Nineties sexy glamazon, inspired by "Sex and the…

Huishan Zhang Pre-Fall 2020

The range was fun, feminine and dramatic in parts.

Huishan Zhang RTW Spring 2020

He teased what his upcoming cheongsam capsule would look like with his romantic, befeathered and bepearled…

Huishan Zhang Resort 2020

The designer revived some old favorites and added a sustainability angle to his collection.

Huishan Zhang RTW Fall 2019

Zhang's fresh take on formalwear — all of the flutter but none of the frump.

Huishan Zhang RTW Spring 2019

The Chinese designer collaborated with artist Vivien Zhang on the print.

Huishan Zhang Resort 2019

Zhang had a frequent traveller in mind, and sought to offer her an elegant wardrobe that could be…