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Hyke RTW Spring 2023

Yukiko Ode and Hideaki Yoshihara gave a feminine twist to new interpretations of vintage workwear and…

Hyke RTW Fall 2022

Yukiko Ode and Hideyuki Yoshihara merged military and vintage inspirations with tech fabrics and feminine…

Hyke RTW Spring 2022

Functional outerwear was upstaged by sleek tailoring and voluminous dresses in lightweight fabrics.

Hyke RTW Fall 2021

Modern takes on vintage military and workwear pieces mixed with luxurious textures and functional fabrics for…

Hyke RTW Spring 2021

Military inspiration and unconventional fabrications were given a modern elegance with beautiful draping and…

Hyke RTW Fall 2020

Yukiko Ode and Hideaki Yoshihara's latest offering was softer that recent collections, but with their…

Hyke RTW Spring 2020

Yukiko Ode and Hideaki Yoshihara showed a softer, more feminine collection of asymmetric silhouettes crafted…

Hyke RTW Fall 2019

Rich textures and tech fabrics were crafted into sumptuous outerwear and beautifully draped dresses for a…

Hyke RTW Spring 2019

Yukiko Ode and Hideaki Yoshihara used military influences but turned out a modern, urban collection.

Hyke RTW Fall 2018

The outerwear-focused collection reimagined classic military styles in oversized silhouettes.

Hyke RTW Spring 2018

Modern, minimalist looks in neutral tones met outdoorsy jackets designed in collaboration with The North Face.