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Iceberg RTW Fall 2023

James Long was inspired by an archival campaign image with a naked Pamela Anderson on a motorbike.

Iceberg RTW Spring 2023

Creative director James Long covered his Iceberg tribe from day to night with a collection that had a retro…

Iceberg RTW Fall 2022

Tech outerwear, sharp tailoring and even Popeye coexisted in the focused collection James Long initially…

Iceberg RTW Fall 2021

Creative director James Long mixed his native English eccentricity with Italian lifestyle.

Iceberg RTW Fall 2020

City met mountain in the brand's black and white-focused collection.

Iceberg Men’s Fall 2020

James Long outfitted the cool kids attending a rave party.

Iceberg RTW Spring 2020

James Long sent out techno mermaids on the catwalk dressed in sequined and sheer outfits.

Iceberg Spring 2020

James Long's spring 2020 collection for Iceberg was a loud, colorful concoction of all that is fun and…

Iceberg RTW Fall 2019

In James Long's version of the fairy tale, Snow White hits the club in studded leather harnesses and neon…

Iceberg Men’s Fall 2019

James Long spliced punk and giant puffers with Mickey Mouse — and Italian tailoring — to great…

Iceberg RTW Spring 2019

The show was inspired by the Gerani family's classic car and motorcycle collection.

Iceberg Spring 2019

The London show popped and fizzed with colors inspired by energy drinks, cartoon strips and seaside clubbers…

Iceberg RTW Fall 2018

The entire collection was maxed out on basic ath-leisure merch with the Iceberg logo slapped on wherever…

Iceberg Pre-Fall 2017

Creative director James Long combined the brand's distinctive Pop aesthetic with a London-inspired downtown…

Iceberg Men’s Spring 2017

Creative director James Long imbued the collection with a summery, joyful mood.