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I’m Isola Marras RTW Fall 2020

Efisio Marras offered his own personal interpretation of the Blair Witch in his pretty fall collection.

I’m Isola Marras Pre-Fall 2020

Creative director Efisio Marras referenced woods and their autumnal colors in this approachable collection.

I’m Isola Marras RTW Spring 2020

Edie Sedgwick and Diana Ross are the muses who inspired Efisio Marras's collection.

I’m Isola Marras Resort 2020

Efisio Marras injected its fresh, lively collection with Japanese influences.

I’m Isola Marras RTW Fall 2019

Efisio Marras found the inspiration for his collection in a picture portraying iconic rock star Courtney…

I’m Isola Marras RTW Spring 2019

The collection also featured a partnership with Converse.

I’m Isola Marras Resort 2019

Creative director Efisio Marras combined a country inspiration with Nineties disco influences in a young and…

I’m Isola Marras Pre-Fall 2018

Efisio Marras imagined a contemporary Scheherazade among the dunes of the Nevada desert.

I’m Isola Marras Resort 2018

Efisio Marras infused an urban, playful and a tad rebellious vibe in his debut collection for the…

I’m Isola Marras Pre-Fall 2017

Antonio Marras was inspired by the Andean culture for his contemporary label's pre-fall collection.

I’m Isola Marras Resort 2017

Antonio Marras joined the circus for this young, feminine collection.

I’m Isola Marras RTW Fall 2016

Antonio Marras courts a Russian muse for I'm Isola Marras.

I’m Isola Marras Pre-Fall 2016

Antonio Marras' signature codes where reworked in a fun, playful way in this contemporary collection.

I’m Isola Marras RTW Spring 2016

Antonio Marras' muse went on a surfing expedition in Sardinia and California for spring, resulting in a…

I’m Isola Marras Resort 2016

Antonio Marras channeled a vibrant, youthful, beachy vibe for his secondary collection.