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Ingie Paris RTW Fall 2020

Ingie Chalhoub offered a glammed up collection for the party girl looking to let rip.

Ingie Paris RTW Spring 2020

Ingie Chalhoub contrasted structure with romanticism in a tribute to Frida Kahlo.

Ingie Paris Resort 2020

Ingie Chalhoub offered up a breezy collection combining romantic and military looks.

Ingie Paris RTW Fall 2019

Ingie Chalhoub offered up a collection for a modern-day Cleopatra, harking back to her birth in Cairo.

Ingie Paris RTW Spring 2019

Ingie Chalhoub's joyful, overtly feminine collection was certainly not for retiring wallflowers.

Ingie Paris RTW Fall 2018

In a palette of gold, deep blue, red and pink, Ingie Chalhoub mixed her references this season in a…

Ingie Paris Pre-Fall 2018

The Lebanese designer built an upbeat ensemble infused with references to banana trees.

Ingie Paris RTW Spring 2018

The French-Lebanese designer drew on her Mediterranean roots, looking to the sea for its underwater life.

Ingie Paris Resort 2018

Ingie Chalhoub's languid yet glittering collection was inspired by the California lifestyle of the Seventies.

Ingie Paris RTW Fall 2017

The designer was inspired by Paris at night for a fall collection meant for stepping out after dark.

Ingie Paris Pre-Fall 2017

Ingie Chalhoub took her inspiration from seasonal flora in a beautiful pre-fall collection.

Ingie Paris RTW Spring 2017

Ingie Chalhoub's lineup melded soft hues like blush pink and mauve with the solar brightness of metallics.

Ingie Paris Resort 2017

Ingie Chalhoub's "La Dolce Vita"-inspired collection had a new lighthearted feel, peppered as it was with…

Ingie Paris RTW Fall 2016

Ingie Chalhoub's fall collection harkened back to the elegance of yesteryear.