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Isa Arfen RTW Fall 2018

Serafina Sama's wonderfully mish-mashed fall collection was inspired by Joel D. Levinson's photographs of…

Isa Arfen RTW Spring 2018

The designer worked Japan's inherent notion of serenity into lounge-worthy, fluid and feminine shapes.

Isa Arfen Resort 2018

Serafina Sama was torn between dark and light.

Isa Arfen RTW Fall 2017

Isa Arfen designer Serafina Sama explored ideas of femininity and disguise with a sophisticated collection…

Isa Arfen RTW Spring 2017

Isa Arfen looked to the body painting and decoration of the tribes of the Omo Valley tribes in Ethopia.

Isa Arfen Resort 2017

Space Age style and William Claxton's portraits of Sixties model Peggy Moffitt influenced the lineup.

Isa Arfen RTW Fall 2016

Silhouettes ranged from the androgynous to the overtly feminine.

Isa Arfen RTW Spring 2016

Serafina Sama transported the Isa Arfen woman to a place of hedonism, adventure and punchy prints this…

Isa Arfen Resort 2016

Serafina Sama infused glamour into wearable fashion with an Isa Arfen resort collection notable for peplums…

Isa Arfen RTW Fall 2015

Like a beautiful photograph, Isa Arfen’s fall presentation was inspired and inspiring.

Isa Arfen RTW Spring 2015

“I was daydreaming of holiday,” said Serafina Sama during her intimate presentation for her…