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Issey Miyake Men’s Spring 2018

Yusuke Takahashi's desert inspiration was not out of context, given the sweltering heat in the courtyard…

Issey Miyake RTW Fall 2017

Yoshiyuki Miyamae gleaned inspiration from the rippling colors of the aurora borealis for the Issey Miyake…

Issey Miyake Men’s Fall 2017

The retail-friendly collection gleaned inspiration from forests.

Issey Miyake RTW Spring 2017

Yoshiyuki Miyamae used a new heat-bonding technique to create geometric patterns on the outfits.

Issey Miyake Men’s Spring 2017

Yusuke Takahashi was inspired by Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, for black and white outfits that…

Issey Miyake RTW Fall 2016

Yoshiyuki Miyamae's fall collection featured galactic patterns inspired by deep space.

Issey Miyake Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Yusuke Takahashi drew inspiration from the nomadic horsemen of Mongolia for his eclectic fall collection.

Issey Miyake RTW Spring 2016

Using a new technique to create molded multicolor pleats, Yoshiyuki Miyamae offered a spring collection of…

Issey Miyake Men’s RTW Spring 2016

For spring, Yusuke Takahashi made prints the main event, turning the works of photographer Yoshinori Mizutani…

Issey Miyake RTW Fall 2015

Yoshiyuki Miyamae kept the innovation going with sculptural creations that highlighted new techniques.

Issey Miyake Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The collection featured the stylized designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh on suits and a couple of long coats.

Issey Miyake RTW Spring 2015

Sculpting with air — that was the central concept of Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s spring collection.

Issey Miyake Men’s RTW Spring 2015

A tropical beach might seem like a hackneyed theme but Yusuke Takahashi breathed new life into the idea with…

Issey Miyake RTW Fall 2014

Nature proved a fertile source of inspiration for Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s fall collection for the brand.

Issey Miyake Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Yusuke Takahashi tapped a mineral theme with batik patterns inspired by magma, and intriguingly textured…