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J.Mendel Spring Bridal 2017

Gilles Mendel lifted ready-to-wear silhouettes from his fall runway and reinterpreted them with a delicate…

J.Mendel RTW Fall 2016

Gilles Mendel designed certain pieces with a glamour that had a toned-down elegance — and delivered the…

J.Mendel Pre-Fall 2016

Gilles Mendel looked into Jean Shrimpton and Frank Stella for pre-fall.

J.Mendel Bridal Fall 2016

Gilles Mendel offered a range of gowns that demonstrated his knack for restrained modern elegance.

J.Mendel RTW Spring 2016

Gilles Mendel had just the right touch with his graphic-print chiffon gowns, done in feminine tiers…

J.Mendel Resort 2016

Op Art prints — done on flowing gowns with a touch of Lurex and as bold geometric pockets on outerwear — gave…

J.Mendel Bridal Spring 2016

Gilles Mendel introduced a few ballgowns — formerly reserved solely for couture clients — into his spring…

J. Mendel RTW Fall 2015

For fall, inventive furs trumped all.

J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2015

Gilles Mendel described his pre-fall lineup as “a potpourri of beautiful things that stand on their own.&#8221…

J. Mendel RTW Spring 2015

Gilles Mendel’s fur collections for J.Mendel grew over the years to include extensive ready-to-wear looks…

J. Mendel Resort 2015

Gilles Mendel said his J.Mendel muse is “having a ‘Belle de Jour’ moment” for resort.

J.Mendel Bridal Spring 2015

Gilles Mendel worked with his signature gentle pleating treatments, adding several modern twists.

J.Mendel RTW Fall 2014

Gilles Mendel's collection was all about bold geometric coats and jackets — some dizzying with the number of…

J.Mendel Pre-Fall 2014

Designer Gilles Mendel said he drew from his spring girl, transitioning her into fall.

J. Mendel RTW Spring 2014

Serge Gainsbourg’s song “Cargo Culte” and the free-spirited muse behind it were the starting point for Gilles…