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Ji Oh RTW Fall 2020

Sexy uniform dressing was the aesthetic mood of Ji Oh's sleek fall collection.

Ji Oh Spring 2020

Ji Oh offered a lot of fun convertibility with patchwork construction, denim, and a newfound feminine…

Ji Oh RTW Fall 2019

The big news from her fall range was a distinct focus on recontextualizing classics to draw in more male…

Ji Oh Resort 2019

The collection was a bit disjointed, but there were covetable pieces to pick out.

Ji Oh RTW Fall 2018

In the name of experimenting, Oh took a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, to see what inspires the young…

Ji Oh RTW Spring 2018

Ji Oh focused on feminized takes on the classic men's shirt.

Ji Oh Resort 2018

The designer focused on bridging a rebellious spirit with an element of romantic deconstruction for resort.

Ji Oh RTW Fall 2017

Ji Oh focused her fall line on shirting, which has been the core of her collections.

Ji Oh RTW Spring 2017

For spring, Ji Oh took the crisp white shirt in several playful new directions.

Ji Oh Resort 2017

The collection stayed true to the designer's laid-back urban sophisticated vibe, while infusing some novelty…

Ji Oh RTW Fall 2016

Ji Oh sent out a bright and optimistic lineup of fall essentials — set against the contrast of her decayed…

Ji Oh RTW Spring 2016

Ji Oh strove to deliver a sexy, nontraditional confidence in boxy, oversize silhouettes inspired by city…

Ji Oh Resort 2016

Known for her minimalistic, androgynous approach to fashion, Ji Oh kept her resort collection easy and…

Ji Oh RTW Fall 2015

With her assertive fourth collection, Ji Oh was all about making an effortless transition from lounging to…

Ji Oh RTW Spring 2015

For spring, Ji Oh continued to push her chic, androgynous aesthetic.