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Jil Sander Navy RTW Fall 2017

A chic functionality was injected into this lineup, combing an elegant rigor with a new, softer feminine…

Jil Sander Navy RTW Spring 2017

The cool, casual je ne sais quoi of French girls inspired this fluid spring offering.

Jil Sander Navy RTW Fall 2016

This season, designer Rodolfo Paglialunga used layering to create the perfect uniform for power dressing in a…

Jil Sander Navy RTW Spring 2016

In his second season, Rodolfo Paglialunga has infused Jil Sander Navy with a vibrant youthfulness.

Jil Sander Navy RTW Fall 2015

Rodolfo Paglialunga, creative director of Jil Sander’s main collection, let some familiar aesthetics trickle…

Jil Sander Navy Resort 2015

The design team studied the lines between masculine and feminine.

Jil Sander Navy RTW Fall 2014

This collection for fall addressed the contemporary woman’s wardrobe necessities.

Jil Sander Navy RTW Spring 2014

For spring, the collection was all about a refined, sporty look with utilitarian references.

Jil Sander Navy RTW Fall 2013

In the name of evolution and cohesion within the Jil label, Navy was noticeably more relative to Sander’s…

Jil Sander Navy RTW Spring 2013

The brand served up an unfettered, feel-good collection of crisp silhouettes and light fabrics that evoked a…

Jil Sander Navy RTW Fall 2012

The design team turned out a tight fall lineup that combined sporty, technical elements with feminine…