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Johan Ku Spring 2017 RTW

After a few seasons in which Ku focused primarily on his multilayered original textiles, this collection felt…

Johan Ku RTW Fall 2016

Johan Ku's fall collection was inspired by visual images from the horror film "The Thing."

Johan Ku Gold Label RTW Spring 2016

Johan Ku was inspired by the elements of "pure platonic romance and cruel death" in the film adaptation of…

Johan Ku Gold Label RTW Fall 2015

Johan Ku's collection featured sculptural knitwear and embroidered garments made of tiny bits of fabric.

Johan Ku Gold Label RTW Spring 2015

Ku worked the dark side of the floral motif to a lovely, sophisticated effect.

Johan Ku RTW Fall 2014

The London-based designer said the fantasy film “Pan’s Labyrinth” inspired him for fall.

Johan Ku RTW Spring 2014

The 2000 Lars von Trier movie "Dancer in the Dark" and its lead character Selma, as played by Bjork, inspired…

Johan Ku RTW Fall 2013

The designer showed a dark collection of modern, edgy styles.

Johan Ku RTW Fall 2012

The London-based designer took inspiration for his fall collection from the French film Trois Couleurs: Bleu.

Johan Ku RTW Spring 2012

The designer is well known for his textured knitwear and he demonstrated that again this season with amped up…