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John Varvatos Men’s Fall 2018

The designer updated some of his signature pieces for his John Varvatos 2.0 collection.

John Varvatos Men’s Fall 2017

The designer delivered a dressier collection that was targeted to the younger man.

John Varvatos Men’s Spring 2017

A season after John Varvatos transformed his Bowery store into a fun house, he chose an intimate underground…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Fall 2016

John Varvatos dismantled his Bowery CBGB's store and turned it into a fun house complete with corpses in…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Spring 2016

It was a raucous homecoming for John Varvatos who, after seven years showing in Milan, returned to New York…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The dusty autumnal colors and blurred checks gave a gentler allure to biker jackets, parkas and a range of…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Spring 2015

The designer experimented with ways to give formal wear a casual attitude.

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Fall 2014

The designer channeled Kiss and their larger-than-life style for this sleek and sexy collection heavy on…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Spring 2014

The designer mined familiar territory in a collection referencing rockers of a certain age — Bryan Ferry…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The designer crossbred English dandyism with New York cool for his fall collection.

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Spring 2013

The designer reached his dress-up quest with three-piece summer suits in a palette of creams and white.

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Fall 2012

Everything looked soft, raw and lived-in, from sweater coats to washed biker jackets and softly constructed…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Spring 2012

In one of the best, most consistent collections of the Milan season so far, silhouettes were elongated and…

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Fall 2011

At Varvatos, a lineup of rock-inspired leathers with silver detailing.

John Varvatos Men’s RTW Spring 2011

Slim tailored clothing, especially jackets, were key in roughed-up, washed fabrics.