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JordanLuca Men’s Spring 2023

The duo's second show in Milan was filled with angst and rage, and had a punkish vibe.

JordanLuca Men’s Fall 2022

With their first show in Milan, Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto brought some edginess and punkish vibes to…

JordanLuca Men’s Spring 2022

The duo puts an emphasis on individuality, the beauty of fleeting moments such as an eclipse, and finding…

JordanLuca RTW Fall 2021

"This wasn't our moment to shine through our clothes, but for our clothes to serve us and our needs."

JordanLuca Men’s Fall 2020

Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto showed a Goth-edged collection that referenced the Renaissance and biker boys.

JordanLuca Men’s Spring 2020

The designers are aspiring to carbon-neutral collections, and have been working closely with mills and…

JordanLuca Men’s Fall 2019

The design duo delivered a carefully edited range filled with standout patterns, luxe fabrics and complex…