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Anaïs Jourden RTW Spring 2021

Anaïs Mak presented an upcycled collection pieced together from garments from past seasons.

Anaïs Jourden RTW Spring 2020

It was party time for Anaïs Mak, who sent girly polka-dot dresses in see-through fabrics down the runway for…

Anaïs Jourden RTW Fall 2019

Anaïs Mak offered a shimmery, lacy and stretchy lineup for women coming of age.

Anaïs Jourden RTW Spring 2019

Anaïs Mak showed her body-conscious dresses and a cat made of Swarovski crystals in a Paris nightclub.

Anaïs Jourden RTW Fall 2018

Anaïs Mak chose to play in grown-up territory with her first runway show.

Jourden RTW Spring 2018

Anais Mak twisted her "good girl" looks with quirky uses of transparency and fabric treatments.

Jourden RTW Fall 2017

Jourden's Anais Mak showed a collection of prim and proper silhouettes revved up in exuberant fabrics and…

Jourden RTW Spring 2017

Anais Mak sought to rebel against the predominant street-style trend with her kooky interpretation of…