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Julius Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Tatsuro Morikawa stuck to his formula of stroboscopic light effects and ear-battering music to present…

Julius Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Tatsuro Horikawa’s lineup hinged on statement outerwear, including gargantuan down coats and asymmetrically…

Julius Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Designer Tatsuro Horikawa stuck to a monochrome lineup that largely consisted of harem pants and cowl-necked…

Julius Men’s RTW Fall 2012

Designer Tatsuro Horikawa produced “Matrix”-worthy looks with a sharp, urban edge.

Julius Men’s RTW Spring 2012

This gothic-flavored collection, was inspired by the futuristic architecture of Zaha Hadid.

Julius Men’s RTW Fall 2011

Julius’ collection carried a mystical, protective mood, combining layered cobwebby knits and toga-style…

Julius Men’s RTW Spring 2011

Tatsuro Horikawa's intricate handiwork became buried under too many strap-happy, military-meets-goth layers.

Julius Men’s RTW Spring 2010

Employing yards of diaphanous cotton, artfully bound and tucked around the body, Tatsuro Horikawa fashioned a…