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Junya Watanabe Man Spring 2023

The designer added American pop artists to his lexicon of collaborations.

Junya Watanabe Man Fall 2022

The Japanese designer worked with Jamiroquai founder and frontman Jay Kay on a collection the mimics the…

Junya Watanabe Man Spring 2022

Inspired by a series of travel photos from Bhutan, the Japanese designer incorporated work by several…

Junya Watanabe Man Fall 2021

The designer aimed to rework classic men's wear styles, combining elements of iconic pieces and outdoorsy…

Junya Watanabe Man Spring 2021

In lieu of a runway show or presentation, Watanabe debuted his relaxed but elegant collection in book form.

Junya Watanabe Men’s Fall 2020

The designer souped up his usual city/country hybrid garments with Italian racing elements.

Junya Watanabe Man Men’s Spring 2020

Hybrid outerwear pieces morphing generic tailoring, military and casual men's staples were among the…

Junya Watanabe Man Men’s Fall 2019

The designer, who was born in 1961, called his show Silver Swagger, and said he aimed to dress his generation…

Junya Watanabe Man Spring 2019

Looks with a military edge have been striding across the Paris runways, although they're more of the Boy…

Junya Watanabe Man Fall 2018

Reflective stripes, rugged patches, zippers and pockets galore were key features of this outdoors-y…

Junya Watanabe Man Men’s Spring 2018

The designer delved deep into collaborations, with outfits produced with brands including Carhartt, Karrimor…

Junya Watanabe Men’s Spring 2017

"Retro gangsters" was the look, heightened by the porkpie hats and the tattooed model's swagger.

Junya Watanabe Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Bonded fabrics added a modern crispness to the tubular tailoring Junya Watanabe pursued for fall.

Junya Watanabe Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Javanese batiks, now revered throughout Western Africa, gave an exotic island flavor to the Japanese designer&#039…

Junya Watanabe Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The fall collection was a hoot, disco balls spinning as a troupe of cool cats trod a red-carpet runway.