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Junya Watanabe RTW Fall 2022

Iconic outerwear pieces were reborn as avant-garde dresses and coats, with zippers and buckles morphing from…

Junya Watanabe RTW Spring 2022

Inspired by travel photos from Asian countries, the designer combined a mix of Eastern and Western influences.

Junya Watanabe RTW Fall 2021

Band T-shirts, Versace prints, Levi's 501 jeans and more came together to create a tribute to the rock 'n'…

Junya Watanabe RTW Spring 2021

The designer mixed disco glam with a rocker edge to re-create look of stars from his memories

Junya Watanabe RTW Fall 2020

The designer's interpretation of sexy came with a subversive, punk energy.

Junya Watanabe RTW Spring 2020

The designer grounded his formal variations on the trenchcoat with neon Hi-Tec sneakers and flashy athletic…

Junya Watanabe RTW Fall 2019

If this was "kawaii," as the show notes suggested, then it flirted with the Japanese sub-culture's dark…

Junya Watanabe RTW Spring 2019

It's been a good long while since Watanabe cast his singular eye on denim for the majority of a collection.

Junya Watanabe RTW Fall 2018

Watanabe showed drab, oversize men's suit jackets, pulled, tucked and retailed with impressive seamwork into…

Junya Watanabe RTW Spring 2018

Organic shapes and bold Marimekko prints were reworked for noble, tribal punk princesses.

Junya Watanabe RTW Fall 2017

The classic anarchy of London punks inspired Junya Watanabe's fall collection.

Junya Watanabe Men’s Fall 2017

By collaborating with The North Face, the designer is tapping into the current craze for Nineties sportswear.

Junya Watanabe RTW Spring 2017

The merger of dual sides of Junya Watanabe's aesthetic range — street and high concept — resulted in a…

Junya Watanabe RTW Fall 2016

Junya Watanabe's fall collection was a statement in color, shape and dazzling construction.

Junya Watanabe RTW Spring 2016

Junya Watanabe used the power of color and shape in his spring collection to create a fascinating study in…