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Juun.J Men’s Fall 2022

The South Korean designer dreams of flight with a collection that deftly uses quilting and volume for the…

Juun.J Men’s Spring 2022

A gust of fresh air is all the designer needed for this season to take on a youthful lightness.

Juun.J Men’s Fall 2021

In "Persona", the Korean designer blew peacoats, puffers and parkas out of proportion.

Juun.J Men’s Spring 2021

Army surplus never looked so sophisticated. 

Juun.J Men’s Fall 2020

Beneath the hard-charging, futuristic goth veneer was a widened range from longtime staples and new materials.

Juun.J Spring 2020

Sharp-angled perfection was offset by ultra light, billowing windbreakers in the label's futuristic universe.

Juun.J Fall 2019

The designer added his contribution to the idea of headgear as a fashion statement by detaching hoods from…

Juun.J Spring 2019

The designer repackaged existing codes with honorable results; smoky PVC layers over plaid were a highlight…

Juun.J Men’s Fall 2018

Puffers and plaids played key roles in the designer's third coed show.

Juun.J Men’s Spring 2018

For his second coed show, Juun.J took the shirt as starting point to a zen collection.

Juun.J Men’s Fall 2017

The house marked it's 10th year with a total wardrobe for urban combat.

Juun.J Men’s Spring 2017

Juun.J captured the cool street kids' hunger for off-kilter silhouettes and an underground feel with a…

Juun.J Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The Korean designer was featured at Pitti Uomo's fall show.

Juun.J Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Boat neck tops, sailor pants, precise tailoring and loads of denim defined this Juun.J collection – with all…

Juun.J Men’s RTW Fall 2015

XXXXL silhouettes have been the trademark for Korean designer Junn.J for quite a while, helping him carve a…