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Juun.J Men’s RTW Fall 2014

With the stated aim of reinterpreting the Zoot suit, the Korean designer swung from extra-wide shoulders to…

Juun.J Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Oversized American football jerseys blown up to bulky proportions were matched with tight, abbreviated shorts.

Juun.J Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The Korean designer stacked XXL-bomber jackets on top of already bulky coats.

Juun.J Men’s RTW Spring 2013

Pumped-up silhouettes that took their cues from Forties gangsters’ formed the core of the Korean designer’s…

Juun.J Men’s RTW Fall 2012

Exaggerated masculine shapes, coupled with a noir-ish palette, recalled the world of vintage comic book…

Juun.J Men’s RTW Spring 2012

With this clean, ultramodern collection, the designer took a subtly inventive approach to tailoring.

Juun.J Men’s RTW Fall 2011

This Korean designer’s experimental streak is still in fine fettle.

Juun J. Men’s RTW Spring 2011

Juun J.’s collection layered long and billowing utilitarian parkas, biker leathers and clean-cut tailoring…

Juun.J Men’s RTW Fall 2010

A techno-goth vibe ran through intriguing outerwear and tailoring hybrids contoured with industrial zippers…