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JW Anderson RTW Spring 2023

The collection teemed with wit, originality and compelling clothes.

JW Anderson Men’s Spring 2023

Jonathan Anderson woke up basic garments with a little DIY handiwork.

JW Anderson RTW Fall 2022

Jonathan Anderson's collection was asymmetrical, sculptural and begging to be touched.

JW Anderson Men’s Fall 2022

It was a terrific collection, full of energy and dark glamour, unfurling in an underground club with red…

JW Anderson RTW Spring 2022

The designer wanted to strip back this latest collection, show only what was necessary, and focus on the…

JW Anderson Men’s Spring 2022

Jonathan Anderson channeled his childhood with a collection full of highlighter brights, fruit patterns and…

JW Anderson RTW Fall 2021

Anderson said he wanted to do something "cleaner and more curatorial, with a focus on the silhouette, in this…

JW Anderson Men’s Fall 2021

"I was trying to think how we could do a bright new beginning for 2021. I wanted something which was very…

JW Anderson RTW Spring 2021

Runway — whether it's physical or digital — is not à la mode, according to Anderson.

JW Anderson Resort 2021

Lockdown's restrictions only served to fire up Jonathan Anderson's creative engines for this jaunty resort…

JW Anderson Men’s Spring 2021

The limitations of lockdown fueled Jonathan Anderson's creative fire, with the designer finding fresh ways to…

JW Anderson RTW Fall 2020

With this winning show, Anderson cemented his reputation as fashion's golden boy.

JW Anderson Men’s Fall 2020

Pieces walked the difficult line between conceptual and commercial.

JW Anderson RTW Spring 2020

Anderson said the collection was all about the gaze, about watching things appear and disappear, and the idea…

JW Anderson Men’s Spring 2020

There was a homespun, crafty mood to this collection that emerged even before the first models came charging…