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J.W. Anderson RTW Spring 2015

Jonathan Anderson’s spring collection pulsed with chic sophistication, suggesting this young fashion talent…

JW Anderson Men’s RTW Spring 2015

A committed gender bender, Jonathan Anderson dressed his men in looks including striped silk bow blouses fit…

J.W. Anderson Resort 2015

Anderson said he set out to work with the “clichés of resort,” thinking about how a girl would wear her…

JW Anderson RTW Fall 2014

Rising fashion star Jonathan Anderson moved his conceptual minimalism in a more earthy direction for fall.

JW Anderson Men’s RTW Fall 2014

The designer had King Louis XIV — and his aristocratic peers — on the brain for this collection that could…

JW Anderson RTW Spring 2014

The designer delved deeper into the conceptual minimalism he’s been developing for the past few seasons.

JW Anderson Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Lines worked perfectly with the contours of the body, and the overall effect was organic as one look flowed…

JW Anderson Resort 2014

By his own admission, Jonathan Anderson is obsessed with Japanese minimalism, using its wrapping and folding…

JW Anderson RTW Fall 2013

Jonathan Anderson banished last season’s frills and replaced them with a linear, clinical collection of…

JW Anderson Men’s RTW Fall 2013

The designer riffed on his past women’s wear collections, and played his gender-bending game once again.

JW Anderson RTW Spring 2013

There was a strict femininity at play here: The opening look was a white, strapless bandeau top that had wide…

JW Anderson Resort 2013

Designs were ostensibly conservative, but worked in unexpected fabrics.

JW Anderson Men’s RTW Spring 2013

Boot-cut trousers were among the jumping-off points for this kooky, camp collection.