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Karen Walker Resort 2018

The kitschy resort lineup pitted the extravagant flair of Marie Antoinette against the streetwear cred of…

Karen Walker RTW Fall 2017

Karen Walker looked to pirates for a utilitarian collection that embraced the concept of mutiny.

Karen Walker Pre-Fall 2017

Karen Walker's girlish frills were tempered by a more tomboyish Western vibe.

Karen Walker RTW Spring 2017

The designer delivered a girly, whimsical collection with hints of urban edge.

Karen Walker Resort 2017

Karen Walker updated her folk-meets-utility aesthetic with a Spanish flair.

Karen Walker RTW Fall 2016

Karen Walker loves a utilitarian reference, so for fall she channeled acclaimed 20th-century photographer…

Karen Walker Pre-Fall 2016

After hitting the slopes last winter, Karen Walker found herself thinking about clothing that was both chic…

Karen Walker RTW Spring 2016

Karen Walker orbited into outer space for spring, with a lesson in futurism-meets-Russian folk style.

Karen Walker Resort 2016

Inspired by the TV series "The Love Boat," Karen Walker gave her resort lineup nautical details.

Karen Walker RTW Fall 2015

A group of prints — with motifs such as timepieces, television static and Peter Max-esque faceless ladies…

Karen Walker RTW Spring 2015

Walker used inspiration from Valerie Finnis’ gardening culture in Britain in the Seventies to create her new…

Karen Walker Resort 2015

This collection was Walker's answer to what to wear when she’s finally back home in New Zealand.

Karen Walker RTW Fall 2014

The designer looked to the women’s suffrage movement for her collection.

Karen Walker RTW Spring 2014

There was a definable slouch to just about everything she delivered, layered with eclectic abandon, and not a…

Karen Walker RTW Fall 2013

The designer's fall outing had a more polished and less offbeat vibe than in past seasons.