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Khaite Resort 2023

Sharp and sporty with a welcome touch of whimsy for the brand.

Khaite RTW Fall 2022

Khaite's ever-growing brand of dark glamour is so potent it's become an attitude.

Khaite RTW Spring 2022

Khaite designer Catherine Holstein is setting the pace for sensual, feminine, urban style in New York.

Khaite Resort 2022

Holstein is one of New York's best at creating a mood, and for resort introduced a line of T-shirts, an…

Khaite RTW Fall 2021

"We didn't come to New York for comfort, we came here for danger…" said Khaite designer Catherine Holstein…

Khaite RTW Spring 2021

Catherine Holstein offered a compelling alternative to escapist fashion.

Khaite RTW Fall 2020

Catherine Holstein expanded beyond her signatures—wardrobe-builders and outerwear—also showing clothes that…

Khaite Pre-Fall 2020

Holstein folded in a new brand of sexy into her repertoire via sheer dresses, straight necklines, clingy…

Khaite RTW Spring 2020

The collection was deeply emotional and personal, tied to Catherine Holstein's visit of her grandparents'…

Khaite Resort 2020

Catherine Holstein evolved on fall's city-oriented traveler's tale for resort, but with more sculptural…

Khaite RTW Fall 2019

Catherine Holstein's strong fall collection celebrated women in America through the lens of various…

Khaite RTW Spring 2019

The designer stuck to elevated staples while playing with seductive, skin-baring elements.

Khaite Resort 2019

For resort, Catherine Holstein implemented artistry through new techniques which, in turn, allowed…