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Kiton Men’s Spring 2022

Lightness was key and Kiton removed all layers, offering weightless constructions, yet perfectly tailored.

Kiton Men’s Fall 2021

Kiton's collection for fall is in sync with the brand's luxurious heritage, but the lineup is all about ease…

Kiton RTW Spring 2021

The collection felt relaxed and comfortable, yet luxurious, in sync with Kiton's target customer. 

Kiton RTW Fall 2020

Kiton will surely not disappoint its customers with a high level of chic and craftsmanship.

Kiton Men’s Fall 2020

Relaxed elegance has become a cornerstone for Kiton.

Kiton RTW Spring 2020

Mediterranean inspirations and Sixties patterns marked the collection.

Kiton Men’s Spring 2020

While continuing to be faithful to the Neapolitan sartorial tradition, Kiton has been evolving the…

Kiton RTW Fall 2019

Cubist artist Sonia Delaunay and the Bauhaus-trained artist Anni Albers were an inspiration for the luxurious…

Kiton Men’s Fall 2019

Kiton's core customer remains central and he is a global traveler.

Kiton RTW Spring 2019

Luxury men's tailoring brand Kiton continues to build its women's collection.

Kiton Men’s Spring 2019

For spring, Kiton imagined a wardrobe for a customer off on a weekend in Montecarlo, from a casual Friday…

Kiton RTW Fall 2018

Displayed around a fireplace in a living room space, the clothes oozed comfort and coziness.

Kiton Men’s Fall 2018

The Italian men's wear company launched the project KNT, which stands for Kiton New Textures.

Kiton RTW Spring 2018

Kiton's women's collection revisits the brand's tailoring tradition.

Kiton Men’s Spring 2018

The company continues to invest in research and development and presented a new trademarked waterproof…