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Kolor RTW and Men’s Spring 2022

Junichi Abe gave preppy pieces a modern edge with a mix of deep colors and contrasting textures.

Kolor Men’s Spring 2022

The lineup included plenty of options for the evening with fancy accessories and silvery fabrics.

Kolor Men’s Fall 2021

An exercise in minimalism, classic styles dominated: lengthy trenchcoats, traditional wool blazers and…

Kolor RTW Spring 2021

Junichi Abe sent classics on a spin, layering child-sized clothing on loose, grown-up silhouettes.

Kolor RTW Fall 2020

Focusing on classics — wool suit jackets and granddad cardigans, Junichi Abe conveyed a Nineties grunge…

Kolor RTW Spring 2020

Appropriating classics, Abe delivered a crisp and appealing lineup that included a crowd-pleaser of a…

Kolor RTW Fall 2019

Junichi Abe took his imagination and scissors to wool sweaters, calling the process "destroy and repair."

Kolor RTW Spring 2019

The signature inventiveness of Junichi Abe, an experienced patternmaker, was in fine form.

Kolor Men’s Spring 2019

Junichi Abe used elements of outdoor technical gearto push the boundaries of what is acceptable.

Kolor RTW Fall 2018

Junichi Abe described his collection as intentionally "messy," but his interpretation of chaos was of the…

Kolor Men’s Fall 2018

By disrupting the equilibrium, Junichi Abe created a new balance that was far from a banal play on clashing…

Kolor RTW Spring 2018

Tropical prints, athletic details and feminine materials made for a collection of handsome hybrids.

Kolor Men’s Spring 2018

The collection carried a tongue-in-cheek Ivy League theme.

Kolor RTW Fall 2017

Clean-cut silhouettes with a retro Americana vibe were subverted by whimsical decorations in this…

Kolor Men’s Fall 2017

Junichi Abe tricked out classic Americana silhouettes with a patchwork of prints, plaids and fur.