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Krizia RTW Spring 2023

The collection honored the founder's tradition of fabric experimentation while making it appealing for a new…

Krizia RTW Fall 2022

Antonio D'Anna injected a sense of ease and effortless sophistication in a focused lineup that juxtaposed…

Krizia RTW Spring 2021

Designer Antonio D'Anna was mindful of sustainability, experimenting with fabrics derived from cork and…

Krizia Resort 2019

Krizia's golden age, the Eighties, served as inspiration for this modern and feminine collection.

Krizia RTW Fall 2018

Antonio D'Anna harked back to the Italian label's heyday in the Eighties with an idiosyncratic spin on power…

Krizia Pre-Fall 2018

References to the Eighties and to the brand's rich archive were updated with a urban, contemporary twist.

Krizia RTW Spring 2018

The collection melded breezy tailoring with colorful embellishment inspired by the house's signature animal…

Krizia RTW Fall 2017

Zhu Chongyun is steadily moving the house into the now.

Krizia RTW Spring 2017

Creative director Zhu Chongyun unveiled a collection which spanned from minimal chic to playful urban.

Krizia Resort 2017

Zhu Chongyun played with contrasts, combining a urban look with Asian influences.

Krizia RTW Fall 2016

Zhu Chongyun opted for a more reverential approach with her fall collection, which felt more attuned to…

Krizia RTW Spring 2016

Creative director Zhu Chongyun chose an aquatic theme for her second Krizia collection, playing with digital…

Krizia RTW Fall 2015

Rebirth was the theme that creative director Zhu Chongyun focused on for her first Krizia collection.

Krizia RTW Fall 2014

Mariuccia Mandelli returned to her comfort zone, showing a collection defined by rigorous lines and power…

Krizia RTW Spring 2014

The designer demonstrated the lighter turn with a sophisticated group of whites, as well as punchy colors…