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Lafayette 148 Pre-Fall 2018

Vienna Secession and the Bauhaus School informed the collection's balance of graphic prints, linear lines and…

Lafayette 148 Resort 2018

The fashion message was black-and-white gingham.

Lafayette 148 RTW Fall 2017

A rich, autumn palette and textural fabrics was the ideal formula for fall at Lafayette 148.

Lafayette 148 Pre-Fall 2017

The collection was a mix of cold weather and tropical fare.

Lafayette 148 New York RTW Spring 2017

Tropical motifs and airy fabrics took the collection on a trip to Fifties Cuba.

Lafayette 148 Resort 2017

The collection had a sense of ease and fluidity, making it an ideal fit for a global traveler.

Lafayette 148 RTW Fall 2016

To mark its 20th year in business, Lafayette 148 harked back to its Nineties roots.

Lafayette 148 RTW Spring 2016

Lafayette 148's spring 2016 collection was all about tranquility, rendered in a palette of mostly white and…

Lafayette 148 Resort 2016

Almost 20 years after their debut as a New York-based indy start-up, the label continues to offer effortless…

Lafayette 148 Pre-Fall 2015

Asia was the main focus, so there were asymmetrical hems on blouses as well as origami and stitching details…

Lafayette 148 Resort 2015

Soft pastel silk pieces were the highlight at the brand's resort lineup.

Lafayette 148 Pre-Fall 2014

A bold abstract painting in red and black started the conversation for pre-fall.

Lafayette 148 Resort 2009

Edward Wilkerson was inspired by City Island, N.Y., this season. Translation: lots of color on everything…