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Landlord Men’s RTW Spring 2020

Ryohei Kawanishi worked with New York-based artist Meguru Yamaguchi to reinvent pieces from his archive with…

Landlord Men’s Fall 2019

Ryohei Kawanishi fully embraced prep, but without losing sight of Landlord's DNA.

Landlord Men’s Spring 2019

Ryohei Kawanishi drew from Windows 95 for this collection.

Landlord Men’s Fall 2018

Ryohei Kawanishi freshened up punk with Tartan plaid anoraks, corduroy suits in bright colors, angora…

Landlord Men’s Spring 2018

The line showed many reggae influences.

Landlord Men’s Fall 2017

For its third season, Landlord turned to Nineties hip-hop artists and streetwear for inspiration.

Landlord Men’s RTW Spring 2017

Landlord breathed new life into the everyday working man uniform in its spring collection.