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Lanvin RTW Fall 2022

Bruno Sialelli looked to Jeanne Lanvin as his superhero, mixing her Art Deco and ancient Egyptian references…

Lanvin RTW Spring 2022

Bruno Sialelli's collection featured images of Batman and Catwoman, in collaboration with DC Comics.

Lanvin Men’s Spring 2022

Bruno Sialelli went full-throttle in the accessories department, with embellished sliders, rose-tinted…

Lanvin RTW Fall 2021

"These days, being put together feels radical," Sialelli said on his embellished lineup for party girls and…

Lanvin Men’s Spring 2021

Repackaging French elegance for rising generations, Bruno Sialelli fine-tuned classics, blowing up Erté…

Lanvin RTW Fall 2020

Bruno Sialelli hit his stride by focusing on dressing for success, with plenty of charming extras.

Lanvin Men’s Fall 2020

Bruno Sialleli was inspired by Italian cartoon artist Hugo Pratt's adventurous sailor Corto Maltese.

Lanvin RTW Spring 2020

Designer Bruno Sialelli showed a comics-trippy coed collection that could have used an edit.

Lanvin Men’s Spring 2020

After a bumpy start at the house, the enthusiastic thumb's up reception from the crowd should prove an ego…

Lanvin RTW Fall 2019

"It's important for Lanvin to get back to directional message," said the house's new designer Bruno Sialelli…

Lanvin Men’s Spring 2019

In today's celebrity-designer driven landscape, Lucas Ossendrijver is one of fashion's constant gardeners…

Lanvin RTW Fall 2018

Creative director Olivier Lapidus used a vivid color palette inspired by digital images of LED lights.

Lanvin Pre-Fall 2018

Olivier Lapidus is under pressure, with the fate of the house yet to be learned, but he hasn't lost his sense…

Lanvin Men’s Fall 2018

The layered silhouettes looked "real" but up close were highly detailed and precisely designed.

Lanvin RTW Spring 2018

Olivier Lapidus didn't go into the gig with a big aesthetic identity, nor did his lineup outline one.