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LaQuan Smith RTW Fall 2022

This refined collection set a new benchmark for Smith in the realm of luxury.

LaQuan Smith RTW Spring 2022

Smith served up glamour with a side of comfort, with an Empire State experience that brought his brand to…

LaQuan Smith RTW Fall 2021

The designer continued to build on his reputation as a go-to for sexy, powerful clothing, deftly mixing his…

LaQuan Smith RTW Spring 2021

His spring collection was designed with "new money, the smell of Champagne and pimpish Cadillacs" in mind.

LaQuan Smith RTW Fall 2019

Hilary from "The Fresh Price of Bel-Air" and what she would be wearing now, quipped LaQuan Smith about the…

LaQuan Smith RTW Spring 2019

Yes, LaQuan Smith brought the sexy for his spring collection, but he also revealed a more sensual and playful…

LaQuan Smith RTW Fall 2017

The collection balanced the overtly sexy with more polished daywear offerings.

LaQuan Smith RTW Spring 2017

LaQuan Smith's latest collection featured signature bodycon dressing with the addition of shirting and knits.

LaQuan Smith RTW Fall 2016

LaQuan Smith sent four Dobermans down the runway with his models to underscore his fall collection's…

LaQuan Smith RTW Fall 2015

LaQuan Smith likes his women sexy and confident.