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Laura Biagiotti RTW Spring 2023

Lavinia Biagiotti continues to strengthen her ties to Rome and its territory by staging the brand's spring…

Laura Biagiotti RTW Fall 2022

Lavinia Biagiotti's fall collection reflected the designer's evolution as she further extended her reach. 

Laura Biagiotti RTW Spring 2022

Lavinia Biagiotti unveiled her spring 2022 collection for Laura Biagiotti at the MAXXI museum in Rome…

Laura Biagiotti RTW Fall 2021

Lavinia Biagiotti's soft cashmere coats and dresses looked at home at the Ara Pacis monument in Rome, where…

Laura Biagiotti RTW Fall 2020

Inspired by nature and the countryside, the collection highlighted the brand's sustainable efforts.

Laura Biagiotti RTW Spring 2020

With her collection, called "Forever," Lavinia Biagiotti is aiming for freedom as well as timeless and…

Laura Biagiotti RTW Fall 2019

Lavinia Biagiotti played with the logo trademarked by her mother in 1975 for a youthful, daily-wear…

Laura Biagiotti RTW Spring 2019

The collection was a colorful ode to the Futuristic art movement.

Laura Biagiotti RTW 2018

Biagiotti succeeded in creating a solid collection that reflected her identity and was a step in a new…

Laura Biagiotti RTW Spring 2018

Lavinia Biagiotti showed her first solo collection after the death of her mother in May.

Laura Biagiotti RTW Fall 2017

The Italian designer was inspired by Alberto Burri and Antonio Canova's works

Laura Biagiotti RTW Spring 2017

The world of gold served as main inspiration for Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti to design their dynamic and…

Laura Biagiotti RTW Fall 2016

Laura Biagiotti looked to China for inspiration for fall.