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Lemaire Men’s Spring 2023

Prints on cotton tops and dresses were extra special: they were bright and cheery and made by the Papua New…

Lemaire RTW Fall 2022

Sarah-Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire were thinking of a tribe on the move, wearing these nonchalant layers.

Lemaire Men’s Spring 2022

Sarah-Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire offered up a versatile dose of nonchalant style.

Lemaire Men’s Fall 2021

For times when comfort is lacking, Sarah-Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire layered up their minimalist tonal…

Lemaire Men’s Spring 2021

The house is brimming with projects — and the energy carried over into the collection.

Lemaire RTW Fall 2020

Sarah-Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire featured the work of Mexican artist Martin Ramírez in a lineup…

Lemaire Men’s Fall 2020

Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran pushed the dialogue between East and West, combining this with subtle…

Lemaire RTW Spring 2020

The duo did away with any embellishment, hewing close to the body by taking cues from the sparse elegance of…

Lemaire Men’s Spring 2020

The Seventies-inspired line had a sharpness in the cut which looked impeccably controlled, and had nothing to…

Lemaire RTW Fall 2019

The École Duperré art school was the perfect setting for this serene, highly desirable collection with an…

Lemaire Men’s Fall 2019

Christophe Lemaire took a tailored turn, hanging onto all of his signature soft edges as he added some…

Lemaire RTW Spring 2019

Clothes were cut in the kind of generous, chic but not uncomplicated proportions that could easily wear you.

Lemaire Men’s Spring 2019

Christophe Lemaire's approach is as uncomplicated as it gets: He wants to make good clothes, with style and…

Lemaire RTW Fall 2018

The collection felt more daring, but lost none of the ease and grace for which the label is known.

Lemaire Men’s Fall 2018

Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran channeled suedeheads and Tolstoy, and revealed love of print