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Les Hommes RTW Fall 2021

Designers Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch expanded their signature sleek, tailored aesthetics to women, while…

Les Hommes Men’s Spring 2021

The collection was filled with tailoring in a cinematic palette of black and white.

Les Hommes Men’s Fall 2020

It was filled with tailoring, as in a trompe l'oeil double-breasted jacket with one button, needle punch…

Les Hommes Men’s Spring 2020

Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch looked back to the happy Nineties rave moment and to their hometown, Antwerp.

Les Hommes Men’s Fall 2019

Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch refreshed the aesthetic of their brand with a cool Himalayan hiking-inspired…

Les Hommes Men’s Spring 2019

Creative directors Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch created a cohesive collection inspired by Native Americans.

Les Hommes Men’s Fall 2018

Urban knights was the theme of the collection that had a fighter spirit but felt repetitive.

Les Hommes Men’s Spring 2018

Asian references injected a new spin into the brand's urban lineup.

Les Hommes Men’s Fall 2017

Aviation and late Seventies punk were the key themes.

Les Hommes Men’s Spring 2017

Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch channeled a military inspiration for fall.

Les Hommes Men’s RTW Fall 2016

Tom Notte and Bart Van der Herten tapped into the world of sportswear for their fall/winter collection.

Les Hommes Men’s RTW Spring 2016

For their spring effort, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch said they were inspired by movies including…

Les Hommes Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch enriched their offering focused on minimal pieces with sporty accents

Les Hommes Men’s RTW Spring 2015

Tom Notte and Bart Vanderbosh incorporated sportswear elements in their staple sleek tailoring.

Les Hommes Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Clean lines and slim silhouettes defined this well-executed collection.