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Liam Hodges Men’s Spring 2020

The designer tore up the classics for this soft-edged, upbeat collection that was full of pastels, cartoonish…

Liam Hodges Men’s Fall 2019

"Hackers," the 1995 film starring Angelina Jolie, and themes of identity, interdimensional living and human…

Liam Hodges Men’s Spring 2019

Hodges mined Donna Tart's novel The Goldfinch and the gaudy codes of Las Vegas for this lively collection.

Liam Hodges Men’s Fall 2018

The collection was filled with humor, color and references of childhood.

Liam Hodges Men’s Spring 2018

Lots for a new, perhaps more sophisticated, audience.

Liam Hodges Men’s Fall 2017

The designer cast a post-apocalyptic and dystopian world for his fall collection.

Liam Hodges Men’s Spring 2017

Hodges pushed boundaries this spring and took the traditional men's workwear uniform and incorporated playful…

Liam Hodges Men’s RTW Fall 2016

For his first solo catwalk show, Topman NewGen alum Liam Hodges showed a collection centered on British…