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Limi Feu RTW Spring 2013

Models mingled with guests and also appeared in a video projected in a loop.

Limi Feu RTW Fall 2012

Romantic nostalgia by way of Thirties Paris seeped into Limi Yamamoto’s collection, infusing it with…

Limi Feu RTW Spring 2012

The designer took a Japanese approach to rockabilly style and spliced it with playful clown clothes.

Limi Feu RTW Fall 2011

Forget the rock ’n’ roll and bluesy soundtracks of yore; this season, the designer is singing a different…

Limi Feu RTW Spring 2011

Spring was Yamamoto's most grown-up collection yet and not just because the clothes followed a more classic…

Limi Feu RTW Fall 2010

Got Goth? Limi Yamamoto sure does. While the brooding mood is a language she’s well versed in, this time…

Limi Feu RTW Spring 2010

Limi Yamamoto continued to crib from her father’s codes for spring.

Limi Feu RTW Fall 2009

Add Limi Yamamoto to the list of designers who’ve set their sights on le chic Parisien. She traded in…

Limi Feu RTW Spring 2009

For her spring collection, Yamamoto worked a schoolgirl-uniform aesthetic, and some schoolboy, too.

Limi Feu RTW Fall 2008

To those critics who mentioned Limi Yamamoto's close aping of her daddy's ethos in her Paris debut last…